Trysanto Guilleforte

Self styled 'ladies elf'.


Number Crunch-

Abilities: Skills:
Str: 10 Acrobatics: 7
Con: 10 Arcana: 4
Dex: 18 Athletics: 3
Int: 13 Bluff: 9
Wis: 9 Diplomacy: 10
Cha: 18 Dungeoneering: 2
Speed: 6 Endurance: 3
Initiative: 5 Heal: 2
Defenses: History: 4
AC: 16 Insight: 7
Fort: 11 Intimidate: 7
Ref: 16 Nature: 2
Will: 17 Perception: 5
Senses: Religion: 4
Passive Insight: 17 Stealth: 10
Passive Perception: 15 Streetwise: 10
Thievery: 7

Feats and Features-

Racial Features:

  • Irresistably charming.
  • Enchangtingly gorgeous.

Class Features:

  • Sorcerous Power Dexterity – Adds dexterity modifier to sorcerous damage.
  • Power overwhelming.

Jack of all Trades- +2 To untrained skill checks.



Energy Strobe – Trysanto fires a beam of coruscating energy from his hand, dealing force, cold, fire, lighting, radiant or thunder damage. Part of the energy wreaths around him, protecting him from the same damage and really setting off his eyes.

Second Wind – Trysanto straightens his mustaches, cleans his teeth, and is ready to look brilliant in battle once again.

Frostbind – Trysanto gives his target such a look of cold disdain that creaking ice envelops and hinders it, dealing damage and giving a -2 penalty to reflex.

Who knows what he’ll pull out of his sleeve when really in danger?


Trysanto hasn’t really opened up to you yet. Maybe you’ll learn more later.

Trysanto Guilleforte

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