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For 500 or more years the Kingdom of Arcand has been stable and safe. But…

The king has died!

The nation falls into turmoil as lords vie for control of the city and the claim of King. The Steward is frantically trying to track down the king’s lineage and hold the country together. The Cardinal of Pelor is speaking for the king’s cousin, general of the Army. The king’s nephew has returned from trading overseas to stake his claim. The other nations, bandits and monsters are starting to raid the outlying towns of the region, preying on the strife that has begun in the capital. Small cities are seceding from the kingdom, forming their own city states.

As each faction vie for control those preying on Arcand gather the strength to destroy it once and forever. The balance of power is equal with all sides grasping at any opportunity for an upper hand.

Enter the adventurers.

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Notable Characters

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Dirk Bronzebeard, Steward of Arcand

A philanthropic old dwarf, wise in years, he has served the kings of Arcand for many years. He is greatly loved by the people of Arcand.
Best Known For:
Starting a holiday during harvest to celebrate the farmer’s work


Grandmaster General Delilah Forsythe, “Pelor’s Fist”

The cousin to the king, Delilah is a powerful half-elf paladin of Pelor. She inherited the title from her father and many say that she is an even greater leader than he was. Her troops would follow her into the 9th Circle.
Best Known For:
The slaughter of an entire city inhabitants whose priests had fallen to the worship of Asmodeus.


Lord Jacob Forsythe, Chairman of the Karsikin Trading Company, Master of the White Lotus, Manager of Forsythe Holdings, First Historian of the Arcand Library…

A young elven man with a good eye for business deals, Lord Forsythe practically owns the market in everything you’d care to name.
Best Known For:
Conquering the nation of Tyrell without a blade being drawn.

Races half orc male

Elliot Serghan, Ambassador to Arcand from the Great Imperial Nation of Esteos

A Half Orc ambassador who could convince a red dragon to give up its hoard, Elliot is a refined half orc who enjoys fine wines.
Best Known For:
There are rumours that Elliot is one of the famed Esteos Assasins.

Notable Factions

The Civil Service

The Civil Service keeps the kingdom running, supplying goods materials around the nation. It also deals with political machinations, running the trade deals, agreements and treaties between kingdoms. It is rumoured that they have extraplanar contacts especially in the City of Brass and own and maintain a series of portals across the country. They work directly under the Steward.

The Glorious Army of Pelor’s Might

The standing force of Arcand, The Glorious Army was originally an army owned and managed entirely by the Church of Pelor. It was overtaken by the government following a failed coup. The Church lost its army, but has maintained that it must be led by a sanctioned Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Pelor. Delilah is the only person in the last half century that has been able to claim the title.

The Karsikin Trading Company

A trading conglomerate of a number of merchant families, the Karsikins have moved on from their barbaric days as tribal mountain bandits and formed under one banner to extort in a completely different faction. They quickly bought out almost all the competition in Arcand and have an agreement of protection with a number of mercenary groups in the kingdom. They have elected Lord Jacob as their leader after a number of secret meetings with the man.

The Lords and Ladies, The Gentry, The Fairest

Tribal Gypsies that travel the land, these people all gather under the one title and have a clandestine code of honour among gypsies. They are rumoured to steal people for sacrifices to their evil god.

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