Heroes of Arcand

Dain R'Ketts field report


We Hereby Provide Notice that the Following Document is Classified as Highest Secret under the Privilege and Governance Act, BD 34, and that Perusal by any Persons not Identified Prior is a Treasonous Activity, Pursuant to its Definition in Said Legislation, and is Punishable by up –to, but by No Means Limited by; Imprisonment, Death, Loss of Title and Privileges, or Greater Punishments. Unauthorised Persons in possession of this Document are Required to put Their Affairs in order and Submit it to their Nearest Civil Service Office.

My Lord Steward,

I apologise in advance for the brevity of this report. Time on this latest mission is of the essence; nevertheless I have stolen a moment to write this brief note to you, to apprise yourself of the situation as it stands. As I learned of the incidents at the marketplace tavern and the Cathedral of Pelor simultaneously to yourself, I will omit those details from this report.

After being introduced to your agents this morning, I was able to ascertain extra details about their investigation occurring between the events at the Cathedral and their interview with yourself, at which time my own investigation could begin. After losing contact with the package to unknown agents in a carriage, the team decided to break from investigating, and begin afresh in daylight the following morning.

Acquiring lodgings at the Fifth Level, a high-end house of lodgings and services, their investigations were able to identify several salient facts: namely, details about the crest emblazoned on the getaway carriage from the previous evening, namely that it belonged to a minor noble house from the Esteosian delegation. Also relevant to their investigation, a ball in honour of Ambassador Serghan is to be held tonight. Thrown by the brother of our late king, and so close to the possible involvement of Esteosian agents in the loss of the package, this looked to be the most salient lead, and they decided bend all their efforts to pursuing it.

It was at this point they sought the assistance of the Service in gaining entry to the gala event, and it was at this time that I was insinuated into the team. After your Graces assurances that invitations would be procured, we arranged for suitable attire and accoutrement, and sought to investigate the location of this evenings activities.

Whilst scouting the area, we were spotted and intercepted by a certain band of orange-haired mercenaries, with whom arrangements were made and a bargain struck to have backup available for tonight, should the need arise. The expense for this service was moderate, and considering their reputation I considered it a worthy investment.

We then checked on the tailors’ progress for our evening’s disguises, before I suggested we increase the potency of our arsenal somewhat. I won’t go into details. If you recall that matter you had me take care of with the Lord Kessington’s first wife? I’m sure you understand.

At the time of writing this missive, we are about to leave to the aforementioned social ball. We will operate on the premise that our orders are unchanged. We will acquire the package by whatever means are necessary. If our orders are to change, please contact me via the usual discretionary channels.



I like it, especially the preface.

Dain R'Ketts field report

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